Majority are happy with their experience of Boccia, our research revealed

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26th May 2016 11:04 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

We have recently conducted some interesting sports market research into the game of boccia, in partnership with Boccia England. The research report, which was published in March 2016, gathered feedback and opinions from a wide range of boccia players, with around 60 boccia clubs being mentioned in the research.Majority are happy with their experience of Boccia, our research revealed

The main finding that our researchers drew from the market research was that 85 per cent of the survey respondents either were very satisfied or satisfied with their experience playing the sport.

On their website, Boccia England have thanked all who were involved in, and contributed to, the market research and we would also like to extend our thanks to the respondents and to Boccia England themselves for electing us as their market research agency for this project.

If you would like to read the full boccia market research report, you will find it here. Otherwise, we have summarised the key findings below.

The research revealed that the overall satisfaction with boccia is high, although, there are a few barriers to progressing the sport, such as not having enough local boccia clubs for players to play easily and competitively.

Our researchers also discovered that some players are worried about the lack of opportunities available for those who play in specific classifications (i.e. BC5-8) and those who play with no classification. Many believed that widening the classifications would bring more individuals into the sport and in turn, would increase the number of local clubs, which ultimately is key as many of the respondents said that there needs to be more opportunities available to play the sport.

Another key finding was that players believe that the future of the sport depends on the way it is publicised. A lot of people first come into contact with boccia in school and many of the respondents believe that is should be the main method of promoting and growing boccia as a sport.

On the other hand, the researchers from DJS Research uncovered that areas such as transportation are less vital at this stage, with many people wanting attention placed on the key areas initially so that boccia continues to thrive in the future; people have more opportunities to get into the sport, and the number of local clubs increases.

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