Market Research Finds 57% of Americans Think Terror Attack Likely At Sochi Games

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10th February 2014 15:00 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

According to the results of a joint CNN and ORC International poll, three-fifths (57%) said that a terrorist attack on the Sochi Games was likely. That compares with half (51%) who believed before the 1996 Summer Games started in Atlanta that a terrorist act would occur.
The survey of more than 1,000 Americans also revealed some wider negative views about Russia and its leader, President Vladimir Putin. It found that more than half (54%) have an unfavourable view of Russia – representing a downward turn from 2011, when more than half those surveyed viewed the country favourably.

Among Americans, a tenth (13%) believe the United States should have a law similar to the one in Russia –making it illegal to make positive comments about gays and lesbians within children’s earshot – with the majority (86%) opposed.

By contrast, a survey by Russia’s independent Levada Centre found that half (53%) of Russians think their country did “the right thing” by bidding to hold the Sochi Olympics, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported.

According to a White House statement:

"He [U.S President Barack Obama] was assured by his team that they are taking all appropriate steps regarding the safety of Americans. He directed them to continue to work closely with the Russian government and other partners toward a secure and successful Sochi Games, and to review carefully and act on any new information that might affect the security of the Games."

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