Market Research Finds Brits Rate Short Breaks and Spain Holidays Top In 2011

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22nd June 2012 15:35 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A recent market research study has revealed that Spain is set to be the most popular travel destination this year. This is proving to be part of an increasing trend of British people travelling within Europe.

The market research company GfK Ascent has demonstrated that 32% of the total holiday travel market consists of bookings to Spain. has also confirmed a high volume of sales to this country, with the majority of these bookings for warm, beach locations.

GfK Ascent further found that short-haul holidays are up 10% in 2011, and lists Greece and Cyprus as the second and third most popular holiday bookings.

Alex Francis of Travelmatch commented: “The key figure here is the 10% growth of short-haul holidays: people are looking to save money yet still have a good time abroad, this has led them to focus on destinations that are nearby and provide a superb experience. Spain and Greece fit that bill perfectly with warm weather, beaches and great cultural attractions. In the future, we can expect continued growth in the popularity of European destinations as British people take advantage of the superb opportunities on their doorstep.”

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