Market Research Finds Couples Argue More When Away on Holiday

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10th August 2012 14:22 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A study by holiday booking website, which questioned 1,000 Britons, has discovered that instead of experiencing romance and renewed closeness while on holiday, couples tend to have more disagreements.

The survey respondents admitted that arguments while vacationing are far from a rarity, with 79% of couples admitting to having at least two major blow ups during their break, and 62% claiming to be warring almost continually.

Highest on the list of holiday argument topics was jealousy, with women in the majority getting riled by their partner looking lingeringly at other females dressed in skimpy outfits on the beach.

In close second came disagreements over how to pass the time – men were generally found to be more inclined towards active pursuits than their partner.

Reaching third position for creating a cloud over the holiday, couples admitted to frequently bickering over what and where to eat. This was followed by accusations that one or the other partner is drinking too much as the fourth most popular cause of friction.

To round out the top ten argument topics, couples further admitted to getting peeved with their partner about the time taken to get to the airport, what to pack, map reading, the time women take to get ready for a night out, holiday finances and converting currency.

It has been speculated that the main reasons causing holiday flare-ups are hot weather, the tendency to consume more alcohol and couples spending an unaccustomed amount of time in close proximity to one another.

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