Market Research Finds FIFA 13 Guilty of Breaking Up Relationships

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17th October 2012 17:06 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism


A poll conducted by VoucherCodesPro, which asked 1,124 newly-single people to explain why their relationship ended, has revealed that video game FIFA 13 has played a significant role in 12% of recent breakups in the UK.

The best-selling game of 2012, FIFA 13 has however not been good for romance – of the 12% who said it was a factor in the deterioration of their relationship, 43% claimed their partner was spending too much time playing the video game instead of giving them attention. Unsurprisingly, 87% identified the inconsiderate partner as male.

In total, 31% of newly-single’s said FIFA 13 had caused a 'change of mood' in their relationship. Furthermore, the transfer deadline day on EA's football game franchise was also cited as a factor in the break-up of 13% of relationships, while a further 9% said online connection issues putting them in a bad mood also had an impact.

Commenting on the market research results, George Charles of said that “games are meant to be a source of fun not strife”.

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