Market Research Shows Olympic Athletes Outpacing Corporations in Branding Stakes

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31st August 2012 12:00 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Research carried out by ICM Research on behalf of Third City shows that less than a quarter (24%) of Britons were able to name any sponsor of the Olympics when questioned on 11 and 12 July – just over a fortnight prior to the beginning of the games.

The results of two follow up surveys, carried out during the games, suggest that awareness dropped to as low as 16%. However, the number of those who said they could name one or two sponsors increased, from 29% to as much as 35%, whilst the number of those who said they could guess but couldn’t be sure remained relatively stable – falling from 30% to 28%.

Whilst corporate brands do not appear to have been that successful, athletes’ personal brands benefited greatly. Gemma Gibbons, who won a silver medal in the Judo competition, watched her twitter followers increase from 461 to over 28,000 – an increase of over 6,000%.

The research was carried out with 2013 UK adults, with the results being weighted to ensure they were nationally representative.

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