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5th April 2013 17:06 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism


In line with this year’s upcoming holiday season, a survey by industry analyst GfK has found that all-inclusive and package holidays are seeing a rise in popularity.

All-inclusive holiday bookings are 14% higher this year than at the same time last year – this surge in popularity is attributed to the certainty which this type of holiday can be budgeted for, since everything including food, drink and entertainment is included in the booking price. Another factor pushing this trend is that the exchange rate and security issues associated with taking large sums of cash abroad can be significantly reduced.

Package holiday and family getaway bookings have also grown year-on-year, by a healthy 8% and 6% respectively. Furthermore, High Street travel agents have seen a 2% increase in popularity compared to last year, despite the growing trend of online bookings.

The demand for thrifty holidays due to the weak economy is further reflected in the popularity of shorter holidays – there has been a 22% increase in bookings for getaways of up to 6 days duration.

The survey also revealed the holiday destinations which are showing the best growth – these include Egypt, Tunisia, Menorca, Croatia and Tenerife.

Meanwhile, the cruise industry is suffering a 21% decrease in bookings due to recent bad press involving several high profile cases of ships being stranded at sea or passengers experiencing viral epidemics.

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