Market Research Uncovers How and Where Britons Choose Winter Holidays

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28th November 2012 16:31 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism


A new online poll by advertising agency Videology has questioned 3,700 UK adults to discover what Britons plan for this winter’s holiday getaways.

The most influential source of travel advice voted for was specialist travel agents, outperforming social media and reviews.

Overall, when asked to choose from a list of primary factors that would influence their choice of holiday at this time, 16% of the respondents said travel agents compared with 13% for tourism/resort ads, social media/friends and online reviews.

In addition, sales/promotional deals and professional online reviews both scored 11%, while the ‘other’ category polled the highest at 23% - this suggests a large unknown as to what further factors are influencing holiday buying behaviour.

The market research also discovered that 45% of the surveyants who said they would definitely be taking a trip this winter claimed they frequently or very frequently book leisure trips online.

Furthermore, the most popular type of holiday voted by Britons was a beach getaway, followed by family trips, touring and sightseeing. Winter sports were ranked as being just as popular as taking a cruise, but these two were outstripped by road trips.

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