Market research uncovers what kids look for in their dream holiday

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18th April 2016 16:35 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Recent tourism market research, which was commissioned by Holiday Gems, has revealed what kids look for in their dream holiday, as well as how they view the holidays they’re going on.Market research uncovers what kids look for in their dream holiday

Of the children in the children in the survey 74 per cent said that they would choose to pack a tablet device over a bucket and spade, their favourite toy and sunglasses, for their holiday. As well as this, the researchers discovered that Elsa from Frozen and Spongebob Squarepants were the characters who kids would like as a holiday companion.

When asked where their dream destination would be, nearly 50 per cent elected the United States, with Florida coming out as the most cited, closely followed by Spain.

The Sales Director at Holiday Gems, Chris Blackwell, said of the market research findings:

“We wanted to see what dream family holidays are like through a child’s eye view. Families work hard all year to spend time together and create memories on their holiday.

“Perhaps it’s not surprising that a tablet is the favourite thing to pack for a holiday as it becomes a familiar feature in most aspects of family life. We couldn’t believe the little gems the other children we interviewed came out with. Whether it was stitching mum and dad up for letting them eat ice cream for breakfast every day or hoping to visit the casinos in the USA – it was hilarious.”

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