Modernising opera may attract more visitors, according to recent survey

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14th December 2017 18:29 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Modernising opera may attract more visitors, according to recent survey

Modernising opera may attract more visitors, according to recent survey: According to millions of the British public, opera is a genre that makes people feel confused and on edge.

Out of those that commented on the art of opera, people found that the speech was filled with words too difficult to understand, and most claimed they were unable to grasp the overall formality of the event.  

In addition, out of the 2,000 adults who sat through an opera performance, one tenth said they felt nervous, self-conscious and isolated from the other attendees.

In an attempt to attract wider audiences, results from the survey included suggestions in which opera could be more appealing.

Respondents said they would attend an opera performance if…

·       There were cheaper tickets (50%);

·       There was a performance showing in a theatre nearer to them (43%);

·       The speech was translated in English (25%);

·       The script covered more for more relatable subjects (15%).

Others also advised event planners to make the dress code less formal devise an app for future productions and feature productions at mainstream venues, with one tenth preferring the idea of showing opera performances as a blockbuster show at the O2 arena.

Nonetheless, two thirds of those who took part said they weren’t into opera and more than half wouldn’t dream of watching opera on TV.

Commenting on the survey’s results, Managing Editor, Sam Jackson, said: “Despite Classic FM’s success in democratising classical music since our inception 25 years ago, opera is still viewed as elitist and we want to dispel that myth."

“Our research shows that while people worry that opera might be dull and too intellectual for them, many would love to go. That’s why we’ve created these ‘opera shorts’, making the storylines accessible and appealing to a modern audience.”

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