More than half adults polled in survey took holiday in England in last 12 months

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16th May 2022 21:42 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

More than half adults polled in survey took holiday in England in last 12 months: A survey of adults in England has revealed that over half (55%) took a holiday in England in the 12 months prior to completing the survey (conducted between October and December 2021), with 44% of these reporting a trip of between three and six nights. 

Almost three in 10 (29%) who took a holiday in England said they stayed 1-2 nights, while a fifth (20%) said they had a break of between 7-10 nights. Just 6% reported staying more than 10 nights away.

The Participation Survey October to December 2021 was commissioned by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and published in April 2022. It polled 13,536 people online (83%) while 2,691 (17%) completed a paper version of the questionnaire.

The survey revealed that 43% of participants who holidayed in England reported visiting museums, galleries, heritage or cultural sites or events while they were away.

Traditional coastal or seaside towns in England were the most popular English destination according to the findings(26%), followed by 'countryside or village' (22%), rural coastline or village (13%), while around one in 20 said they stayed in 'mountains or hills' during their holiday. 

Of those engaging in tourism, the survey revealed that 61% of homeowners took a holiday in England, compared with 49% of people who privately rent their homes, and 35% of social renters. 

The research also found that those aged 75+ were less likely to have taken a holiday in England in the last year, than younger age groups. More than half those aged 16-24 said they had taken a holiday in England in the last year, while almost 6 in 10 (59%) adults aged 45-64 said the same.

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