Nearly 60% of EFL players are against the recent extension of added time, PFA survey finds

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17th November 2023 18:27 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A new survey by the PFA has found that almost 60% of EFL players are against the newly introduced increase in added time: Nearly 60% of EFL (English Football League) players are against the extension of stoppage time in football, with the players surveyed saying that the longer games are causing more injuries.

The survey was carried out by the PFA (Professional Footballers’ Association). The PFA surveyed players in the Championship, League 1 and League 2 - the leagues in the EFL. The purpose of the survey was to provide a snapshot of the current issues and opinions of players in the EFL, so their voices can be heard. Three in 4 of the players surveyed believed players were not given a proper break between seasons.

The survey also found that over 60% of respondents felt that the lack of rest and recovery time was resulting in players getting injured more often.

Just under 20% of those surveyed said enough was being done to single out the “fans” responsible for pitch invasions, harassment of players and discriminatory chanting – leaving around 80% of players believing more can be done to tackle this.

Questions were also asked about the controversial subject of VAR (Video Assistant Referee). Nearly 60% said that VAR needs to be “significantly improved” before there is any type of introduction into the lower leagues in England. However, there was a 50/50 split on whether the players support the expansion of VAR beyond the Premier League, or not.

Maheta Molango, the PFA chief executive, said: “The intention of a project like this is to identify areas where we need to work collaboratively with those who run the game, and to ensure that the views of players are heard and acted on.”.

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