New poll reveals possible financial implications for NFL, following 'Take A Knee' protest

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17th October 2017 12:21 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

New poll reveals possible financial implications of NFL, following 'Take A Knee' protest

New poll reveals possible financial implications for NFL, following 'Take A Knee' protest: According to results from a poll conducted by Yahoo Finance, almost three quarters of National Football League (NFL) fans feel less supportive of the organisation, following America’s national anthem controversy.

As part of the Flag Code, Americans are taught to stand with their hand on their heart and face the flag when singing their national anthem. However, quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, bent his knee when he sang the national anthem at the beginning of the match in 2016, as a stance against police brutality in America.

Recently, NFL players have done the same to show their support, yet even though there is no punishment for breaching the Flag Code, Donald Trump showed his disapproval during a political rally.

Following this, the NFL have witnessed a decline of supporters, as one survey revealed that the NFL fell from the second-highest favoured sport in August, to the least favoured sport in September.

In light of this, Yahoo Finance decided to conduct a survey to find out the possible financial implications this may have on the organisation.

In the survey, respondents were asked how the #TakeAKnee protest made them feel.

Out of 9,446 respondents:

·       6,661 (70.5%) said they feel less supportive of the NFL;

·       1,393 (14.5%) said they feel more supportive of the NFL;

·       1,392 (14.7%) said that it doesn’t change their view of the NFL.

In addition, respondents were also asked how their relationship has changed with NFL following the controversy.

Out of 6,999 respondents:

·       80% said they watch less football;

·       46.8% said they buy less merchandise;

·       40.9% said they chose not to attend a game they would have attended otherwise;

·       19.2% said they cancelled an NFL related subscription;

·       3.8% said they watch more football on TV.

However, the rise of online streaming, as well as the various disruptions caused by hurricanes, could be a contributing factor to the decline of NFL’s live-sport viewers. 

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