Poll Shows English Football Fans Want Greater Involvement with Clubs

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1st September 2014 15:08 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Almost two fifths of English football club supporters agree that football rules need to change to allow greater fan involvement in the ownership of clubs.

Supporters Direct’s poll questioned 2,002 British adults aged 18+, of which 1,731 were English football fans.

Less than one fifth (18%) felt their clubs were being well run financially, and almost four fifths (77%) thought they should be consulted on any changes, for example, name, shirt colour or badge, relating to their football club.

More than two fifths (44%) of the survey’s respondents agreed that “football is broken and that The FA needs to intervene to fix it,” and almost half (49%) concurred that supporters and their representatives should be more involved in the running of football clubs.

Elsewhere, around two fifths (38%) agreed that football supports should be entitled by football regulations to a role in the ownership of their club, and over half (54%) of the poll’s participants thought that “football clubs should be run as a combination of a community business that balance results on the pitch with work in the local community.”

Robin Osterley, CEO of Supporters Direct, spoke: “This definitive poll – the most comprehensive ever undertaken – of the supporters of English football clubs about how they view the running of the game, shows irrefutably that the average fan does care that their clubs are run badly; that they do want to see the FA get control and run it in the interests of all, not just a minority of clubs or officials at the top; and that they believe that part of that should mean a role in the ownership of their clubs.

“We want this to be a signal to all those who share the same views. Whether those in the game’s governing bodies; politicians frustrated at the slow pace of reform that they have laid out again and again; or those in grassroots football suffering from poor decisions at a local level. There is now a critical mass of people who want change, and we can, working together, achieve that. This is an opportunity that we must seize.”

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