Poll Suggests Football Talk Considered 'Uninteresting' By Majority

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6th July 2012 15:50 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

The results of a YouGov poll of almost 1,800 people suggest that not only is football talk uninteresting for the majority of people in England but can also be considered rude.

In total, the poll suggested that the majority (56%) were uninterested in football to some degree – with 37% stating they were not at all interested. Less than a quarter of people asked (23%) claimed to be very interested in football.

Simon Fanshawe, etiquette expert, commented:

"It can be really rude. People don't tend to take the time to explain or inquire about whether they are interested before they talk about it. It's like any conversation. If you are going to engage people, the crucial word is engage - find out if people are interested.”

The survey also showed that, among those who were interested in football (42% of all respondents) almost 2 in 5 (39%) felt Harry Redknapp should have been the new England Manager. Only half this number (19%) felt Roy Hodgson, the man who led England to the Quarter Finals of Euro 2012, should have been given the job.

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