Poll Uncovers Steep Rise in Cost of Football Tickets

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19th October 2012 14:47 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

According to a new BBC poll, the average cost of English league football (the cheapest adult ticket) has risen by as much as 11.7% - more than five times the rate of inflation.

The Price of Football survey included figures from 166 clubs in 10 divisions across the UK. It discovered that the average price of the most affordable ticket in the top four divisions has jumped from £19.01 to £21.24 in the last year.

In 2011, a football fan could have gone to see a game for less than £20 at 12 of the 92 English league clubs, while this year only four clubs (Huddersfield, Sheffield United, Derby and Plymouth) offer tickets at that price.

The market research saw Newcastle currently offering the best value in the Premier League, with the cost of the cheapest ticket, programme, cup of tea and a pie totalling £23. The Premier League’s most affordable season tickets are to be found in Wigan (£255) and Manchester City (£275).

In the football league however, Sheffield United is cheapest as the cost of a ticket, programme, cup of tea and pie totals £17.20.

Meanwhile, the priciest matchday and season tickets are at Arsenal - their most expensive ticket for a single game costs £126 and £1,955 for a season ticket.

Overall, since the current rate of inflation based on the consumer prices index (CPI) is 2.2%, the poll showed that the cost of watching football live is rising disproportionately compared to that of everyday essential items.

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