Poll of Major Cities Finds London Rated Second Worst for Friendly Locals

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13th December 2012 16:21 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism


A new poll by TripAdvisor of 75,000 travellers (who gave their opinions to cover 40 cities worldwide) has discovered that despite efforts to put on a smiling face during the Olympics and Queen's Diamond Jubilee, only Moscow was rated lower than London for having unfriendly locals.

London also did far from well in other categories – it ranked only 28th for safety, 26th for cleanliness and 35th for best value for money. Slightly better results were achieved by the UK capitol for ease of getting around (17th) and public transport facilities in general (15th).

Nevertheless, London does excel globally when it comes to shopping – it currently ranks fourth, behind New York, Bangkok and Dubai. Furthermore, taxis in the capitol are ranked fifth best in the world, although their level of friendliness was rated at 12th place.

Overall, Russia’s capitol Moscow fared worst in the international poll – in addition to coming last for friendliness, the city is also rated worst for taxis, taxi drivers and shopping.

Mumbai in India was found to have the dirtiest streets and was also considered to be the hardest to get around. Meanwhile, Norway’s capitol Oslo offers the poorest value for money, Hanoi in Vietnam has the worst public transport and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is the least safe city.

On the other end of the spectrum, Tokyo was rated top for taxis, taxi drivers, cleanliness, public transport and safety. Cancun in Mexico has the friendliest locals, Zurich in Switzerland is the easiest city to get around, Lisbon offers the best value for money and Budapest is considered to be the most underrated city.

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