Poll reveals top pastimes of today's kids

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25th September 2019 15:26 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Poll reveals top pastimes of today's kids: A piece of research looking at the types of games children play today has found that many traditional hobbies have been eclipsed by modern alternatives, such as watching TV and computer games. 

The Sainsbury's survey polled 1,000 children aged 7-12 years and found watching TV was the favourite activity of children today, followed by watching YouTube Videos. 

Reading books came in third, followed by playing computer games, and watching streaming services in fifth.

Playing with toys came just outside the top five, ahead of playing mobile games,  cooking and building dens (6th, 7th, 8th and 9th, respectively). Doing jigsaw puzzles took the tenth spot.

However, the research also found that although pastimes of yesteryear such as conkers and rollerskating have fallen out of favour (not making the top ten), more than half the children polled enjoy collecting things.

The number one collectible according to the findings are stuffed toys, with 43% reporting they had a collection, closely followed by cards (42%) and stickers (38%).

When asked what encourages them to collect, six in ten (59%) said they love swapping with friends, while 56% admit they swap to join in order to be involved with what their friends are doing. Half the children polled said they enjoy collecting to see how they can grow their project, with 43% saying it makes them feel proud. Almost four in ten (38%) said they enjoy showing off their collections to their friends. 

Parents also play a significant role in a child's enthusiasm for collecting, according to the poll, with 80% of children reporting they are encouraged to complete a collection by their parents.

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