Research discovers how people use their mobile devices whilst travelling

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20th January 2015 17:30 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

The latest global survey from advertising network, BuzzCity, has found that approximately one in four (24 per cent) of the respondents use their mobile phones to research local activities and tourist attractions. Whereas, 21 per cent opt to turn their devices off.Research discovers how people use their mobile devices whilst travelling

As well as to search the internet for local tourist attractions and activities, 27 per cent use their mobile devices to check travel routes and destinations.

The quarterly survey - which questioned 1,500 people within BuzzCity’s network across 25 countries - also found that the most popular use for mobile devices whilst travelling was to:

  • Read,
  •  Listen to music,
  • Play games,
  • Watch videos.

Of the respondents, 40 per cent claimed that they utilise their mobile phone to pass the time.

Nearly one in three (20 per cent) of the participants claimed that they use their mobile to keep in contact with their friends, whilst on a trip.

22 per cent admitted that they use their phone whilst travelling, to keep on top of their work.

Over a quarter (28 per cent) use their mobiles to book their day’s travel arrangements, and 24 per cent use the same method to pay for their travel tickets.

Across all platforms, booking last minute bookings on a mobile device was the favoured method, with nearly one in three people choosing to book their trips this way.

Founder and CEO of BuzzCity, Dr K F Lai said: "Multi-channel surfing has resulted in higher demand for access among travellers, and meeting this demand may yet be business critical for airports, hotels and public transport services.  Free Wi-Fi is no longer a perk and more hotels will see this as a game changing move for their businesses."

When comparing the latest findings to that of twelve months ago, the number of people travelling for business has increased by approximately 300 per cent. At the end of 2013, figures showed that 9 per cent of people were using their mobiles whilst travelling, whereas in the latter quarter of 2014, the percentage had risen to 24 per cent.

Across the survey, one third of the participants travelled internationally.

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