Schools Failing To Capitalize On Olympic Inspiration

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19th November 2012 16:39 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

According to a survey conducted by Chance to Shine, the amount of PE and games in UK schools has not increased, despite more than half of young children having been inspired to take up a new sport. 

The survey asked 1,006 parents questions relating to participation in sports, with a staggering 80% saying that their children were playing the same amount of sport or less during school hours following the Games, with results also suggesting that pupils are doing less than the recommended two hours of sport per week. 

One of the main aims of the London Olympic bid was inspiring a generation of athletes, which seems to have worked, as 54% of pupils have since taken up a new sport. However the results of the poll will be damaging to the bids' reputation as a success, with a reported £1bn to be invested over the next five years. 

In the hometown of gold medallist Jessica Ennis, 60% of parents said their children do less than the suggested two hours per week. 

42% of parents blame time pressures of the curriculum for the lack of increase, with a third blaming lack of facilities and 29% cited a lack of funding for school sports. 

Wasim Khan, chief executive of Chance to Shine, said, "The fact that parents are saying that their children are doing less than two hours of school sport a week is a concern. We want young people to do as much physical activity as possible in and out of school - whether it's cricket, athletics or any other sport - to help them lead active, healthy lives. "

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