Seven out of 10 people who enjoy 'immersive holidays' say culture, arts and history are the top experiences they want, reveals poll

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17th March 2021 19:51 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Seven out of 10 people who enjoy 'immersive holidays' say culture, arts and history are the top experiences they want: A poll by travel association AITO looking at the future of luxury travel surveyed 20,000 members of the UK public across social media, email and other platforms in January and February 2021. 

When asked what they are looking for in their next holiday, the survey found that 69% of respondents want arts, history and culture experiences, while 64% would like to experience 'wildlife' and 60% would like 'gastronomy and wine'. Other desirable experiences cited included walking and trekking (55%).

Over half the respondents polled said they would 'probably' or 'definitely' like to bring in more opportunities for walking into their holidays (51%), while almost a third want to have more spas, meditation or wellness experiences (31%). A fifth (20%) would like to do more yoga on their travels.

The survey was 'representative of the type of people who take immersive holidays around the world, but not the population at large', according to AITO.

Looking to the future, more than a quarter of respondents said they would be more likely to travel in a 'slower, simpler way' post-Covid, with fewer stops and less time travelling.

The survey found that 50-59 year-olds had the greatest appetite to get back to luxury travel soon (85%), followed by 40-49 year olds (83%), 60-69 year-olds (82%) and those in their 30s (80%).

Looking at how the pandemic has affected travel aspirations, 91% said they would like to take the same number of holidays, or more, than before the pandemic, with more than half (56%) likely to book a long-haul experience holiday within the next 12 months.

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