Simple Pleasures Top the Most Missed List by British Holiday Makers

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22nd June 2012 15:09 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A survey of 2,000 British adults commissioned by holiday rentals website has uncovered  the things UK travellers miss most whilst on holiday,  with ‘my own bed’ ranking top on their listing.

This was followed in second place for things missed by family, with one in five of those questioned saying that they miss their relatives when travelling.

Director of, Radek Dobrolecki, commented: “Do we ever fully switch off? Our findings might suggest otherwise, showing that it’s difficult for Brits to break away from their daily lives of routine and technology. Encouragingly however, what is most prevalent is the need for a good night’s sleep and some relaxation on holiday as we squeeze more and more into our everyday lives.”

He added: “Increasingly people are finding that renting private accommodation when travelling is a way of experiencing home comforts in a way not possible when staying in a hotel. The launch of our new website will help people get a genuine home from home experience.”

Typically enough, ‘a decent cup of tea’ was the sixth most popular choice, with pets, friends and even the Internet also making appearances in the top ten.

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