Sports and Energy Drink Market Research Shows Brits Use Them To Combat Tiredness

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23rd September 2014 11:39 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

According to recent research, the majority of Britons (54%) say they often feel tired, with this figure rising to three fifths (60%) for women alone.

Furthermore, three quarters (75%) of Brits said they are more fun to be around when they are feeling energetic, with almost two thirds (64%) admitting they get irritated easily when they’re feeling tired.

It appears many Brits have tried to combat their frequent tiredness with sports and energy drinks, with six in 10 (61%) having consumed a sports drink and almost half (46%) knocking back an energy drink in the past year.

When it comes to energy drinks, however, almost eight in 10 (77%) said they would like clearer information on what the different ingredients in the energy drinks do, and around two fifths (43%) said they would be interested in trying energy drinks made with all natural ingredients in the future.

For sports drinks, around seven in 10 (72%) would like to see clearer information on the packaging detailing what each ingredient in the sports drink does, and more than two fifths (44%) would also be interested in sampling all natural ingredient versions.

Around three fifths (62%) of the Brits surveyed said it would be a good move by supermarkets to impose age limits on the purchase of energy drinks, with more than two thirds (69%) admitting it is hard to know what is a safe amount of energy drinks to consumer per day.

In addition, one fifth (21%) of the study’s participants believe sports drinks are only beneficial to athletes, and a further seven in 10 (68%) said they find it hard to tell if sports drinks actually work.

And, finally, according to the survey’s findings, the majority of Brits consume sports and energy drinks at home.

David Zhang, Research Analyst at Mintel, said: “The high proportion of consumers wanting to understand how energy drink ingredients work offers a way for brands to differentiate themselves in the market by highlighting the ingredients used. Also, as functional claims are highly regulated, this interest suggests scope for brands to move the focus onto the various ingredients or the unique formula of their drinks in their marketing campaigns.”

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