Sports fans spend one and a half years watching their favourite sports at the pub, finds poll

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9th May 2019 15:33 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Sports fans spend 1.5 years watching their favourite sports at the pub: A survey has found that sports fans will spend over a year and a half of their lives watching football, rugby and cricket down at their local pub.

The poll by Curries PC World ahead of the Cricket World Cup questioned 2,000 sports enthusiasts and found that the 6 in 10 who choose to watch their favourite sports at the pub, do so for an average of 19 hours a month. This equates to an incredible 13,929 hours viewing over the course of their lifetime.

When asked what the pull is for watching sport at the pub, 64% said that it is the closest thing to actually being there, with more than half saying watching their team with friends at their local pub offers ‘something special’. More than half said that they’re attracted by high-tech screens to watch their team while 57% said they enjoy having an alcoholic drink at the same time.  

If they could improve on their experience, four in 10 said they would be further enticed if their local offered better technology to watch the game, one in five would like more screens and half said they would like to see better TVs or displays to watch the game. More than a fifth (21%) said better sound quality from equipment would enhance their experience. 

According to the survey, more than half (57%) have been frequenting the same pub for over five years, with 60% revealing they go to the pub up to six times each month.  

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