Study Finds Less than One in Five Brits Are Morning People

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14th December 2012 17:39 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism


According to a survey by Radox, the UK is a rather sleepy nation - the majority of Britons who were questioned claim they are certainly not happy to wake early, while only 17% said they are chipper in the morning.

A 60% total of the respondents sleep in more during the dark winter months, with just under a quarter (23%) having 'seasonal sleeping slips' (finding it very hard to get out of bed in winter) which result in being late for work a great deal more during December.

Meanwhile, a further 15% claimed they are more prone to taking sick days during the final month of the year rather than leave the comfort of their beds.

In addition to two thirds (66%) of the surveyants admitting to feeling unmotivated in the morning,  the study found that after being abruptly disturbed by an alarm clock, most people take 36 minutes on average to truly rise and shine, plus they typically snooze for 14 minutes after the alarm has gone off.

Two out of three of the respondents said they are less likely to snooze when woken by an alarm with ‘natural’ sounds, while 73% claim the sound of a bird tweeting or a cock crowing made them wake up in a more cheery mood.

The top rated ‘wake up happy’ sounds were birds tweeting, followed by a crowing cockerel, waves crashing, wind chimes, piano playing, an orchestral symphony and church bells.

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