Survey Finds Britons Keenest in the World on Posting Christmas Cards

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20th December 2012 15:28 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A global survey by communications regulator Ofcom has discovered that Britons send more greetings cards than consumers anywhere in the world.

In total, 5,243 consumers covering the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the US, Australia, Japan and China took part in the September International Communications Market study.

As the final posting deadline for Christmas approaches, Ofcom found that more than a third of British adults (37%) have sent a greetings card, invitation or postcard in the last month, which is the highest rate out of any other country surveyed.

Australia was not far behind however, with 34% having sent cards recently, followed by China (33%) the US (32%), Italy (30%), Germany (24%) and Japan (23%).

The countries that are least likely to reach out to colleagues, friends and family by having sent out a greeting card in the past month are France at just 17% and Spain (19%).

Director of Research at Ofcom, James Thickett, commented on the survey findings: "Although we're all increasingly using digital methods of communication, our research shows that the traditional greetings card still remains a popular choice for UK consumers."

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