Survey Finds Caravanning More Popular Than Ever for Affordable UK Holidays

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11th January 2013 16:38 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism


Despite the weak state of the economy, caravanning holidays are extremely popular according to a survey by The National Caravan Council (NCC).

The UK caravan industry is doing exceedingly well, which not only demonstrates its resiliency, but also proves positive for the British economy - the touring industry was found to bring in as much as six billion pounds to the UK annually.

In total, the survey statistics revealed 500,000 Britons own touring caravans, 260,000 have caravan holiday homes and 164,000 own motorhomes. There are also over 2,000 licensed holiday/touring parks spread across the nation to cater for these keen caravan fans.

Furthermore, 96% of all touring caravans and 70% of motorhomes that have been sold in the UK were made locally.

The buoyancy of the caravan industry looks set to rise further, with a 14% increase having been reported in advanced bookings for 2013 compared to the same time last year. One of the main reasons for this boost is thought to be due to the low cost of caravanning in the UK compared to other types of holidays.

The NCC calculated that the average cost of a tent/caravan pitch lies at approximately between £20 and £25, while the average price for a family of four on a Caravan Club site is only around £27.

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