Survey Finds More Travellers Booking Trips With Mobile Devices

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19th February 2014 15:56 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

The American Travel Behaviour Survey, which was conducted online in October 2013 on behalf of Hotwire by Harris Interactive among over 2,000 U.S. adults ages eighteen and older, found that a fifth (18%) of American adults who have ever booked travel, have done so using a mobile device. The survey showed that two fifths (37%) of adults ages 18-34 and a quarter (25%) of adults ages 35-44 used mobile devices to book a trip.

Of the respondents, 12% said they booked their trip on a smartphone, 10% have booked a trip on a tablet device. They were more likely to use a web browser than travel application.

Henrik Kjellberg, president of the Hotwire Group, said:

"Mobile purchasing has become an increasingly large trend in travel, given that more than half of Americans now own smartphones… So, I see the 18 percent as the tip of the iceberg in terms of mobile travel booking, considering players in the space are continuing to optimize their sites and products for the mobile booker."

"We expect the number of mobile bookings to grow exponentially, outpacing desktop bookings in the next year or two, as more people of all ages become comfortable booking through their mobile device and making last-minute purchases."

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