Survey Reveals British Travellers Are Still Perplexed By Tipping Standards

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14th November 2013 12:25 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

New research carried out by travel money provider ICE (International Currency Exchange) has revealed that despite the surge in overseas travel in the last 30 years and with the increased exposure to many different tipping customs around the world, tipping still leaves British holiday makers perplexed. The poll of almost 2,000 travellers reveals that two-fifths (39%) of British holidaymakers still find the issue of tipping awkward and at times embarrassing.

The findings show that when in doubt, just under half (45%) of British travellers use ten per cent as a ball park figure for tipping whilst abroad in restaurants and taxis – only one percent tip circa a fifth (20%).

However, it seems British travellers are on the side of stinginess with more than one in three leaving less than five per cent with fifteen per cent of men not leaving a tip at all. Three in ten (30%) admitted one of the main reasons for not tipping is the doubt surrounding how much to tip, they claim to have no idea how much to tip.

A further two-fifths (43%) said budget restraints had a bearing on how much they tip, admitting they didn’t factor that into their holiday spending plans. The research also suggests this is a major factor when it comes to travelling to countries such as the USA where twenty per cent tipping is the norm with a hostile response facing those who fail to leave sufficient amounts.

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