Survey Reveals Most Common Holiday Complaints

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19th February 2014 12:51 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A recent survey, conducted by Thistle Hotels, asked 2,000 hotel guests what annoyed them about hotels and their service. Results suggest that, by far, the biggest complaint was rude and unfriendly hotel staff (69%) - followed by; rooms not being ready on arrival (45%) and a lack of free-Wi-Fi (38%).

Other widespread holiday flashpoints include a poor selection of food at the resort buffet (37%) and a hotel being further from a destination’s attractions and restaurants that advertised (32%).

Moreover, over half of the respondents (51%) said that free Wi-Fi is crucial to their enjoyment of their escape – ranking higher than a hotel having a swimming pool (49%), being close to a destination’s attractions (41%) and offering in-room TVs (37%).

Mike DeNoma of Thistle Hotels, said:

“It's crazy to think that, in 2014, hotel chains are still charging for Wi-Fi.”Guests even ranked free Wi-Fi higher than a hotel having a swimming pool or being close to attractions and services.

However, Toni Repetti, a hotel management professor, commented that luxury hotels charge for Wi-Fi because their guests can afford it; and budget hotels don't because their guests are price sensitive.

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