Survey Shows 80% of UK Travellers Shun Travel Insurance

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17th October 2011 16:13 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A recent survey by ABTA, The Travel Agency Trade Association, has revealed that 80% of British citizens travelling overseas opt not to purchase travel insurance.

Lack of awareness of how things in other countries work could be to blame for this, with 21% of those polled believing that it is the responsibility of the British government to cover the costs of potential medical bills or other legal fees that could otherwise be incurred while abroad.

In addition, 26% of those polled believed that European Health Insurance Cards would cover the costs of repatriation in the event of illness or accident, whereas it only allows them access to essential medical care from the state.

The results were branded "very worrying" by the leader of the financial protection department of the ABTA,  John de Vial, who expressed his concerns at the high number of people placing their health and financial well being in jeopardy by not purchasing suitable coverage.

British consulates and embassies however are on hand to assist UK citizens whilst abroad and offer much in the way of helpful advice, although they warn that the nature of their aid is strictly non-financial and they are unable to pay for hospital bills or similar expenses.

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