Survey Shows Brazilian, UK And US Consumers Are Unclear About World Cup Official Sponsors

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18th June 2014 17:13 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Research done by GlobalWebIndex has shown that 38% of UK, US and Brazilian consumers incorrectly think MasterCard is an official World Cup sponsor, even though it has not been a benefactor since 2006.

Over two thirds (63%) of Brazilians thought MasterCard were FIFA sponsors, compared to three in 10 (30%) from the UK and 34% of Americans.

Visa, on the other hand, who is an official World Cup sponsor, only received 4% more recognition than their rivals, despite backing the event for the last seven years.

Elsewhere, Pepsi, who is not a World Cup sponsor, mistakenly scored high recognition from US consumers, with almost one third of UK and US consumers believing Nike was a sponsor too.

Approximately one third of Brazilians believed Samsung to be an official benefactor, with Puma averaging between 13%-17% across the board.

Other competitors wrongly credited include: American Express, P&G, Red Bull, Ford, Heineken, Burger King, Toyota, Subway, Unilever and Carlsberg.

Aside from Moy Park, Brazilian consumers demonstrated better knowledge on all of the remaining 14 official sponsors:

Brand Brazil UK US
Coca-Cola 84% 66% 64%
Adidas 58% 53% 55%
McDonalds 44% 41% 43%
Visa 64% 30% 63%
Hyundai 55% 17% 21%
Sony 38% 26% 21%
Budweiser 29% 25% 24%
Emirates 29% 19% 14%
Kia Motors 31% 11% 15%
Johnson & Johnson 31% 10% 14%
Castrol 25% 11% 15%
Oi 32% 7% 9%
Continental 20% 12% 11%
Moy Park 10% 7% 11%
Yingli 10% 4% 9%

Note: These numbers are approximate. Figures via GlobalWebIndex.

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