Survey Shows Majority of Britons Seeking Thrifty Holiday Spending in 2012

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22nd June 2012 13:04 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Market Research by Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance has revealed the trend of Britons looking to save money in 2012 by cutting back on their holiday expenses.

Of those surveyed who are planning to travel this year, 78% said that they would spend less this year than previously.

In total, 45% said they were planning a holiday abroad, while 13% of these are aiming to minimise their travel expenses by staying with friends or family who own property in holiday-friendly foreign locations.

Furthermore, 12% of overseas holidaymakers said they would opt for a self-catering break to cut costs, and 10% have claimed they would reign in expenses by booking an all-inclusive package to enable better budgeting.

These austere measures include more than one-in-four Britons (43%) who will take their main holiday locally this year.

David Barrett of Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance commented: “Our research suggests that even though a number of us may be aiming to stick to a strict budget... people are still finding a way to ensure they have a nice break - whether it’s in the UK or abroad

While the study estimated that 28.9 million Britons will spend a total of £22.1billion on holidays in 2012, this equates to an average outlay of only £765 per person.

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