Survey finds 25 per cent of Britons didn’t take a holiday in 2015

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13th November 2015 15:37 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

This year’s ABTA Holiday Habits Report has revealed that an increasing number of people are choosing not to go on holiday and spend their Survey finds 25 per cent of Britons didn’t take a holiday in 2015annual leave at home.

The report revealed that in 2011, British people took an average of 3.9 holidays per person per year, however, in this year’s report, people were found to take 3.2 holidays per year – a decline of around 18 per cent.

It is important to note that whilst taking 3 holidays sounds like a high figure, this does not necessarily mean that the respondents went abroad, they may have been on a ‘staycation' in the UK.

The survey also found that in 2011, only 10 per cent of people made the decision to stay at home instead of going holiday, whereas in the 2015 survey the figure increased to 23 per cent.

The main reason why Brits are opting to stay at home is the costs associated with going away. Despite the prices of holidays not increasing too much in since 2011, it appears that many Brits are still feeling the pinch and choosing to save their money, viewing holidays as a luxury, as opposed to the norm.

The survey also examined how the recent economic outlook has impacted people in different income brackets. Of those who fell into the low-income bracket, it was found that they took significantly fewer holidays in 2015, in comparison to 2011. The number of holidays taken per person has fallen from 3 to just 1.7 – a decline of 43%.

On the other hand, the respondents at the higher end of the pay scale were found to be taking more holidays this year than before at an average rate of 0.6 more holidays than in 2011. In 2015, high-income individuals took an average of 8 holidays per person.

Of the respondents who did take a foreign holiday, nearly half (47 per cent) chose a package deal.

This year’s ABTA Holiday Habits Report also asked the participants which type of holiday they went on. The most popular types of breaks were city breaks (54 per cent) and beach holidays (50 per cent). The holidays which were notably less popular amongst the respondents were: all inclusive packages (18 per cent), lakes and mountains trips (11 per cent) and cruises (10 per cent).

Of the reasons cited for going on holiday, the following were the least frequently cited: to see a music event (7 per cent) and to watch a sports event (5 per cent).

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