Survey finds 60 per cent have witnessed homophobic abuse in sport

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22nd September 2016 12:12 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Survey finds 60 per cent have witnessed homophobic abuse in sport: According to a recent sports survey in Scotland, in the last five years 60 per cent of sports fans have witnessed homophobic abuse which would be offensive to LGBT people at an event, in the form of physical abuse or homophobic language. A further 15 per cent revealed that they would feel embarrassed if their favourite sportsman came out as homosexual.Survey finds 60 per cent have witnessed homophobic abuse in sport

The survey also uncovered that 51 per cent of sports fans would feel proud if their favourite sportsman came out of the closet, whereas 39 per cent said they would feel indifferent about it.

Conducted by Stonewall Scotland, a charity which focuses on equality, the survey found that 51 per cent of sports fans across Britain (not just Scotland) have also witnessed either verbal or physical abuse at a sporting event in the last five years.

Of the supporters who revealed that they’d heard or seen homophobic abuse at a sports event, 82 per cent said that what they witnessed occurred at a football match.

The findings also revealed that the vast majority (64 per cent) of sports fans believed that homophobic and anti-LGBT abuse, both verbal and physical, was an issue in sport. A further 68 per cent said that more should be done to make LGBT individuals feel accepted in sports.

Of the respondents, more than half (58 per cent) revealed that they wished more sportspeople would openly admit their sexuality. A further 79 per cent said that they would be happy to play sports with a bisexual player, and 71 per cent said the same of playing sports with a transgender player.

The research by Stonewall Scotland was commissioned as part of its ‘Rainbow Laces’ campaign and explored the opinions of 125 sports fans in Scotland.

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