Survey finds a quarter of Brits have not been away in last 12 months

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13th October 2015 12:53 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

According to the findings of a recent tourism survey, approximately a quarter (23 per cent) of British people have not been on holiday in the last 12 Survey finds a quarter of Brits have not been away in last 12 monthsmonths, in comparison with just 10 per cent in 2011.

The survey of 2,003 British adults discovered that household finances were the biggest factor in the fall in getaways, with there being a notable decline in holidays amongst the respondents who had tight budgets.

Four years ago, in 2011, around 81 per cent of those within the lowest social grade (e.g low earners, unemployed people and pensioners) went on holiday, however, just 49 per cent of people within low social grades are expected go away this year.

Despite the glum findings, the average number of breaks taken by Brits in the last 12 months was 3.2, a higher figure than that of 2014 (3.0). The report attributed the rise to wealthy people holidaying more.

The respondents within the highest social grade took an average of 8 holidays in the last 12 months, in comparison with 7.4 in 2011.

When looking at where the most frequent travellers lived, it was found that those living in London averaged 4.4 trips a year, closely followed by those living in the North West (3.5), Yorkshire (3.1) and the West Midlands (3.1).

On the other end of the scale, those who live in Northern Ireland go on the least holidays, with an average of 1.8 per year. Those in the South West and East Anglia both take 2.5 holidays per year.

As a result of the increase in holidays per person, the foreign holiday market appear to have benefitted the most, with Brits having taken an average of 1.5 overseas holidays in the last 12 months to August, in comparison with 1.2 in 2014. This could be attributed to the strength of the pound against other foreign currencies, especially the euro.

However, during the same 12 month period, ‘staycations’ in the UK fell from 1.8 to 1.7.

The survey also showed that many of the respondents were positive about their future holiday plans, with 23 per cent revealing that they will spend more money of their 2016 holiday, as opposed to just 15 per cent who intend to spend less.

When looking at people’s favourite type of holiday, city breaks remain the most popular and is the most increasingly favoured type, with 54 per cent going on one in the 12 months to this August – an increase of 42 per cent on last year.

Beach holidays were found to be the second favourite holiday type, increasing from 38 per cent last year, to 50 per cent this year.

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