Survey finds links between political stance and holiday destinations

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15th May 2015 11:57 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A recent survey by Holiday Hypermarket has found that political stance is closely linked to one’s choice of holiday destination.Survey finds links between political stance and holiday destinations

The survey of 2,000 holiday makers found that 17.8 per cent of those who vote Labour are most likely to travel to Greece, whilst the Conservative voters favoured Ibiza and The Canary Islands.

Those most likely to travel to Egypt were UKIP supporters. It was also found that those who vote for UKIP were the least likely to holiday in the United Kingdom.

The respondents who vote for The Green Party were found to be the group most likely to travel long haul, being the most likely to travel to destinations such as the USA, Thailand and Australia.

Although those who support the Conservative were more than twice as likely to visit Ibiza, they were 60 per cent less likely to visit Mainland Spain. Of the Conservative voters, 12 per cent also seek to travel outside of main tourist destinations, and visit somewhere new.

Conservative voters were also found want to do something ‘different’, as well as party and explore.

Those who vote for the Liberal Democrats were found to be the most likely to holiday in the UK.

The most favoured European holiday destination for 15 per cent of Liberal Democrat voters was Italy.

Of the different parties, those who vote for the Greens were found to be the least organised, with nearly 10 per cent having no holiday plans as of yet. Closely following the Green Party supporters in being unorganised when it came to holiday planning were UKIP supporters.

On the other hand, Labour supporters were the most prepared.

Marketing Manager of Holiday Hypermarket, Ian Crawford, said of the findings:

“We thought there might be a correlation but we were quite taken aback with some of the results. It’s interesting for us to see that where the British public choose for holidays is so closely linked to their political preference”.

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