Survey finds rugby is gaining popularity within girls’ schools

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11th December 2015 12:06 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

According to a sport survey by the Girls' Schools Association, rugby is gaining popularity at girls’ schools at a rapid rate, with more than 50 Survey finds rugby is gaining popularity at girls schoolsper cent of girls’ schools now facilitating the sport.

The President of the Girls' Schools Association, Alun Jones, said that the increasing popularity of rugby was so great that it could potentially become more favoured than traditional female sports.

The survey revealed that 60 per cent of girls’ schools offered its pupils the chance to participant in either tag, union or league rugby frequently, with an average of 76 per cent of girls choosing to get involved.

As well as this, 14 per cent of the respondents said that they intend to introduce rugby to their school.

11 per cent of girls’ schools are said to take part in rugby fixtures and some girls’ schools have local partnerships with rugby teams, which gives them access to specialist training and facilities. Other schools boast their own in-house rugby specialists and pitches, the research revealed.

As well as rugby, the Girls' Schools Association discovered that there has been an increase in the amount of girls choosing to take part in football and cricket.

A total of 35 schools were questioned as part of the survey, of which 11 per cent said that they have connections with the Rugby Football Union. As well as this, 34 per cent said that they were considering seeking partnerships with the Union.

An example of a working partnership between a girls’ schools and a rugby club is that of Manchester High School for Girls’ and Salford Reds.

Manchester High School for Girls’ partnership with Salford Reds involves tag and curriculum rugby for more than 100 girls in years 11 and 12.

As well as Manchester High School for Girls, Sherborne Girls also has a partnership with their local club which sees the pupils participate in training sessions at the local rugby club and the school.

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