Survey reveals more than than a third of fans think VAR has 'worked well' in the Premier League - up since the last poll in January

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10th September 2020 10:51 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Survey reveals more than than a third of fans think VAR has 'worked well' in the Premier League - up since the last poll in January: A survey of Premier League fans has revealed that the percentage of those who think Video Assistant Referees have 'worked well' this season, has risen to 36% - up from 27% at the start of the year. 

The YouGov survey, shared with Sky Sports, also revealed that the number of people who think the system has 'done badly' has fallen nine percentage points - from 60% in January to to 51% in the latest poll.

The number of people saying that the introduction of VAR has made the game less enjoyable has also fallen, albeit just slightly, from 67% in January, to 63%.

When fans were asked if they would like to have VAR but modify it in some way, 71% said they would, which is a fall from 74% at the start of the year.

The survey also asked fans about some of the ways they feel VAR has impacted the game, with 69% saying it has worsened the pace of the game. Almost half said it had improved refereeing decisions (49%), however, a quarter feel it has made them worse (25%). 

More than half the respondents polled in the latest survey said that VAR has made watching football on TV less enjoyable (54%), however, 17% said it has improved enjoyment for them. When it comes to watching in a stadium, 51% said it has made the game less enjoyable, with just 8% saying it has improved their experience.

Also revealed by the research is that more fans would like to be able to see the footage which VAR referees are reviewing - an increase since January from 81% to 85%. Fans would also like to hear the conversation between field referees and Virtual Assistant Referees ( 77% - up from 73%).

One in six respondents (16%) said they would like to see VAR scrapped altogether for future games - an increase of a single percentage point since the last survey. 

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