Survey reveals one in five travellers believe it is 'safe to travel' despite Covid-19

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10th November 2020 23:00 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Survey reveals one in five travellers believe it is 'safe to travel', despite Covid-19: A survey of travellers around the globe has found that 20% believe it is 'safe to travel', despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

The poll, commissioned by consultancy firm Oliver Wyman, questioned 4,600 travellers from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, the US, Australia and Canada (who had taken at least one flight last year). It revealed that a quarter would feel happy to visit a destination which has lifted its Covid restrictions, regardless of Foreign Office advice.

While respondents from the US, China, Italy, Spain and Australia were more in favour of travelling domestically, respondents from the UK, France, Germany and Canada were more likely to be looking at international destinations for their next getaway.

When asked about how they feel about flying, half the survey participants said they would be happy to travel by plane, however just 37% of UK travellers said they would feel comfortable. More than two-fifths (43%) said they would feel uncomfortable boarding a flight.

Travellers were also asked about their feelings towards staying in a hotel at the moment, with just under half (48%) saying they would feel comfortable, compared to 60% globally.

However, when it comes to public transport, confidence is higher amongst Brits, with two-fifths (40%) saying they would feel comfortable, compared with fewer than one third, globally.

Price the top influencer...

When it comes to motivators to travel, the research found that cost was the leading influencer, except for in China, where 'aircraft treatment and cleaning' came top. After price, 'cleaning and treatment' was the second most popular choice for all other countries polled.

Of all the health and safety procedures put in place on flights and at airports, 'cleaning and face masks' was ranked the most important, however, two-fifths of travellers polled (40%) said they would prefer to have an empty seat next to them during the flight.

Looking to the future, 63% said that when the Covid-19 crisis is over, they would like to travel an equal amount, or more, to what they did before the pandemic, however, half the UK respondents polled said they plan to take fewer trips when it comes to business travel.

Michael Khan, aviation partner at Oliver Wyman said:

"With nearly a quarter shifting away from official guidance and restrictions on travel, it is important for governments to have clear communication on the risks and for airlines to provide adequate safety measures.

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