The typical British tourist is looking for a cultural experience, ABTA finds

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4th March 2015 14:44 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

According to a recent survey of 2,000 UK tourists by ABTA, the average British person’s holiday abroad is becoming more cultural, with The typical British tourist is looking for a cultural experience, ABTA findsapproximately 75 per cent keen to learn an average of 15 foreign phrases whilst away.

The survey also found that the average Brit abroad is open to trying an average of 6 new, foreign cuisines or drinks.

Of the respondents, 40 per cent claim to want to learn about the customs of the country they’re travelling to, and over 2 in 3 put an importance on learning about the local culture, with the average Brit aiming to visit 5 local attractions.

70 per cent of the respondents claim that they’d like to come back to the UK, knowing more about the destinations they’ve visited.

Whilst holidaying, just 14 per cent desire to make friends with another British person.

When asked about their holiday budget, the tourists surveyed claim to be open to spending 20 per cent more on their summer holiday this year, as opposed to previous years, with the average holiday lasting 10 days.

15 per cent of those questioned said they want to spend less on their holiday this year.

Many of the respondents say that they’d like to travel somewhere new this year, with 48 per cent claiming to be ‘quite likely’ or ‘certain’ that they were going to travel to a new resort or city.  35 per cent say that they will be venturing to a new country.

Of the 16 to 24 year olds surveyed, 49 per cent say that it was either ‘quite likely’ or ‘certain’ that they were going to visit a new place this year, making the age bracket the one most keen to visit a new destination of the entire sample.

Older tourists are more likely to visit somewhere they’d been before.

56 per cent of the over 65’s claim they would not be visiting a new country. Approximately 50 per cent of the respondents aged between 55 and 64 said the same.

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