Three in 10 people say Covid-19 lockdowns have caused their fitness to decline, according to poll

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14th May 2021 13:02 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Three in 10 people say Covid-19 lockdowns have caused their fitness to decline: A survey of people asking questions around how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their health and wellbeing has found that 31% have seen a decline in their overall fitness.

The British Heart Foundation found that the top reason for deteriorating fitness was attributed to staying in the house more during lockdowns and restrictions (61%), while around two-fifths (41%) said they have been less motivated to exercise during the pandemic.

The research also found that 29% of respondents believe that their physical health will improve as restrictions are lifted and we come out of lockdown, while 28% are expecting to see a boost in their mental health.

Almost two-thirds of participants said that doing more exercise is a priority in order to improve both their physical and mental wellbeing, which is up 6% on pre-pandemic.

The survey also revealed that for some respondents, the pandemic has had a positive impact on their exercise and fitness regime, with 20% revealing they are now fitter than they were pre-Covid. Nearly a third of respondents (32%) said they have been able to do more exercise due to having more free time and a desire to get out of the house more. Of the people who said they have been exercising throughout lockdown, 37% said they have been doing more exercise, but in shorter bursts.

Regina Giblin, Senior Cardiac Nurse at the BHF, said: “It’s promising to see that more people are prioritising the physical and mental benefits of exercise as we emerge from the pandemic. A year of lockdown has affected us all in different ways. For some, it’s given us the time to make healthy changes to our lifestyles, while for others, it’s made things understandably more difficult."

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