Three-quarters of Britons are in favour of vaccine passports to travel abroad, reveals survey

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14th May 2021 14:59 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Three-quarters of Britons are in favour of vaccine passports to travel abroad: Around three-quarters (78%) of Brits say they would use a vaccine passport if it meant they could go abroad or visit relatives in care homes.

The survey polled over 8,300 Brits, aged 16 and above in March 2021, to understand more about their views on vaccine passports.

Two-thirds (68%) of people surveyed said they would use a vaccine passport to enter indoor concerts or theatres, with 65% stating they would be more likely to purchase tickets for events where such passports were in use. 

There was also high support for using vaccine passports when going to visit someone in hospital (74%) and when using leisure centres or the gym (63%). Around three in five (61%) said they would support using one for outdoor sports events and concerts, while 58% would like to see them for travelling by public transport.

On the other hand, 12% expressed concerns about vaccine passports being used to travel abroad, with a further 18% stating their issues with vaccine passports being used for indoor events.

The survey also revealed which occupations Britons believe should use a vaccine passport, with 79% saying they should be used by those working in the NHS. Just over a third (69%) expressed the view that teachers and teaching assistants should use vaccine passports, with just 17% against the idea. Furthermore, six in 10 revealed they would be more likely to employ a plumber who had a vaccine passport.

While 60% of people aged over 65 stated they strongly believe the potential economic benefit outweighed any ethical and legal concerns when it comes to vaccine passports, just 23% of 16-24-year-olds shared that view. 

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