Ticket prices for football fans declining and stabilising

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15th October 2015 16:26 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A study carried out by the BBC has discovered that the price of football tickets in the UK has decreased or stayed the same for most fans.Ticket prices for football fans declining and stabilising

The study, known as “The Price of Football” consisted of evaluating over 700 tickets across 227 football clubs from 13 leagues in the UK. When looking at the ticket prices for the 2015-16 season it was found that around 70% of them had been reduced or remained the same.

The survey explored the price of Premier League match-day tickets on a team-to-team basis, and revealed that the cheapest match-day ticket is offered by Leicester City, priced at £22. On the other end of the scale, Arsenal have the most expensive match-day ticket, priced at £97.

When looking at the cost of season tickets, the “Price of Football” survey revealed that the most expensive ticket in the Premier league is offered by Arsenal, who charge £2,012. Arsenal’s cheapest season ticket stands at £1,014 but still remains the highest priced season ticket in the premier league.

The cheapest season ticket in the Premier League is offered by Stoke City, priced at £294.

At just over 50%, a vast majority of the tickets had a price freeze, 18% were found to have decreased in price and the last 30% had, in fact, increased. The survey took into consideration both ends of the ticket price spectrum; looking at the cheapest and most expensive match-day and season tickets available. They also included in the cost a replica shirt, programme and refreshments.

It isn’t just ticket prices that have been changing; the current price to own a replica football shirt now stands, on average, at £42.18 for adults and £33.78 for children. Premier league shirts, however, are costing £49.68 and £38.42; an overall increase in price of 4.82%.

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