Tourism Survey Finds Britons Visit More Foreign Attractions than Local Ones

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28th June 2011 16:55 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A travel survey has revealed that 45% of the Britons who took part in the study admit they are 'more likely' to visit well-known landmarks when abroad than when in the UK.

In total, more people had been to the Eiffel Tower than key British attractions in their own country.

Travel expert at, Bob Atkinson, commented: 'There are lots of world-class attractions in the UK but many Brits never make time to see them... If you're passing a tourist hotspot in your own country it's easy to say 'I'll visit it next month or next year' because it's so accessible but then never get around to it. However, when you are abroad, particularly in far-flung places, you realise it may be a once-in-a-lifetime trip and you therefore make sure you get everything done.”

Just 40% of the Britons surveyed said they had been to Stonehenge in Wiltshire, and a mere 45% have visited St Paul's Cathedral. Other major UK landmarks across England, Wales and Scotland fared even worse.

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