Travel Poll Puts Uncovers Most Offensive Plane Experiences Suffered by Passengers

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9th November 2012 16:08 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism


In line with the upcoming festive season when airlines expect many Britons to be taking flights to visit friends and family, market research was conducted by online travel website to uncover the biggest annoyances suffered by passengers when travelling on planes.

The recent poll covered some 1,648 UK adults who have taken a flight abroad for a holiday break within the past 12 months.

Topping the list of plane gripes, 88% of the respondents voted noisy children as their worst bugbear. This was followed by lack of legroom, with 76% finding cramped space very hard to handle. These two issues were shown to be particularly excruciating for passengers on longer flights.

Rounding out the Top 10 irritations when travelling on a plane, the surveyants hated poor food quality (52%), not being able to get a seat next to their co-travellers (49%), loud passengers in general (35%), drunk passengers (23%), small toilets (17%), rude in-flight crews (11%) and finally not having any in-flight entertainment (9%).

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