Travel Survey Sees the UK Enjoying Strong International Reputation

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26th April 2013 17:16 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A survey conducted byCNNquestioned 3,106 respondents from over 70 countries worldwide to discover the primary factors which influence people when deciding on leisure and business travel destinations.

The Global Tourism Research survey revealed that 67% of respondents voted for security and safety as the most important factor, followed by price (60%), and reputation (58%).

Britain did well in all three key factors – its international perception is that of a hospitable, developed nation, with 46% of the global respondents reporting that they would expect a trouble-free stay, and 43% seeing the UK’s reputation as being ‘most established and welcoming’ for tourists.

In addition, the UK ranked within the top five destinations that are ‘attractive for business investment opportunities’, and was voted second only to the US on the list of the 25 countries that respondents people would most like to visit in the next 12 months.

Senior Vice President at CNN International, Didier Mormesse, commented on the value of the survey findings: “Destination branding has become one of the most competitive aspects of today’s tourism industry and these insights are valuable for countries looking to market themselves as the destination of choice for travellers.”

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