Two-thirds of Brits would reconsider visiting Turkey, following ongoing threat from ISIS

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14th July 2015 12:46 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

In the wake of warnings from the Foreign Office - highlighting that British people are at risk of suicide bombings, improvised explosive, rocket attacks and Two-thirds of Brits would reconsider visiting Turkey, following ongoing threat from ISIS kidnap from the so-called ‘Islamic State’ - two-thirds of Brits would now think twice about going on holiday to Turkey.

Every year, approximately 2.5 million tourists visit Turkey, however, in the light of recent travel advice from the Foreign Office, many will be forced to cancel their travel plans.

The Mediterranean country is on the border of Europe and Asia, and is one of the neighbouring countries to Syria, which is known to be particularly hostile, with a strong presence from the ‘Islamic State’. carried out a survey of over 37,000 people and found that 35 per cent of these people would still go on holiday to Turkey, despite the current threat of terrorism.

Turkey’s capital city, Istanbul, draws in 7.5 million tourists each year and is the biggest city in the country.

Istanbul has been named as a possible target for terrorism by the Foreign Office, who has described the risk of terrorism in the capital city as ‘high’.

The Foreign Office has issues the following guidance in relation to ISIS attacks in Turkey:

“Although based in Syria and Iraq, ISIS have the capacity to carry out attacks in neighbouring countries, including Turkey.

“Media reports suggest that terrorists could target areas throughout Turkey, including Ankara, Istanbul and areas close to the Syrian border.

“There is considered to be a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals, from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria. 

"You should be vigilant at this time.”

A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commomwealth Office said of the problem:

“The travel advice for Turkey has not been significantly changed. Although we do advise against all but essential travel to areas near the Syrian border, the overall terrorist threat level in Turkey has remained unchanged for years. 

"More than 2.5million Britons visit the country every year and the overwhelming majority of visits are trouble free.”

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