Two-thirds of young people make their own music, finds survey

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31st January 2019 15:38 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Two-thirds of young people make their own music: A recent piece of youth-focused research has given insight into the impact of music in the lives of young people, and how they engage with it. It found that two-thirds of children aged 7 -17 years make some form of music themselves. 
The Youth Music poll, named The Sound of the Next Generation questioned 1,000 young people across England and the results show a significant increase in engagement in music since the charity's last survey in 2006.
It found that most of the children (97%) had listened to music in the past week, while 67% were involved in making music of their own - a significant rise since 2006 when it was 39%.
Singing was the most popular form of music making, with 44% saying they regularly sang. The figure rose to 71% with girls aged 7 - 10.
Almost 1 in 5 young males (16 - 17-years-old) said they create their own music using computer software, while three in ten (30%) young people said they play a musical instrument with piano being the most popular choice, followed closely by the guitar. Interestingly, 25% of those who said they play revealed they are teaching themselves, while 23% are taking lessons from friends or family. 
Respondents were also asked about their favourite musical acts, with Ed Sheeran, Little Mix and Stormzy coming out on top. However, these were just some of the 633 different artists mentioned across 300 musical genres, reports Youth Music.

When asked if they considered themselves to be ‘musical’ 64% of those polled answered yes, an increase from 48% in 2006. The study found music made the majority feel happy (85%) as well as making them feel 'cool' (41%) and excited (39%). It also found music was the top pastime along with gaming, followed by sport, drama, dancing and arts/crafts.  

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