UK adults spend eight times longer watching TV than doing exercise, survey reveals

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3rd October 2018 11:19 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

UK adults spend eight times longer watching TV than doing exercise: The amount of physical activity undertaken by the average UK adult is dwarfed by alternative pastimes such as watching TV and engaging with tablets and smartphones a survey has found. 
Watching TV is a clear favourite choice – with the average person watching on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix for 12 hours every week.
This compares to just 90 minutes of physical activity, according to the survey of over 2000 UK adults conducted by ukactive, a not-for-profit fitness group. 
This means British adults spend eight times longer watching TV than they do engaging in a sport or fitness activity.
The figures are even more alarming when it comes to Smartphones and Tablets, with the average adult spending 11 times longer on a device than they do at the gym or other form of exercise. The total number of hours spent looking at a smartphone or tablet is a significant 17 hours per week, with 12 hours being spent on social media.
When it comes to exercise, just over a quarter of respondents said they achieve the recommended weekly target of physical activity – 2.5 hours a week.  But for 14 percent, exercise is never undertaken, while 13 percent say they manage less than half an hour a week. This means that 27 percent of UK adults are actually considered ‘inactive’. 
Interestingly, when respondents have experienced stress, almost half (49 percent) say they turn to exercise, compared to 43 percent who say they turn to snacks and 41 percent who watch TV or look at their smartphone. 
Respondents who use exercise as a way of relieving stress said they turn to it to clear their head (71 percent), to help them relax (55 percent) and because they enjoy being in the open air (50 percent). 

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